Plot Twist: Judge Joe Brown Arrested

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The tables have officially turned

Judge Joe Brown has been arrested at a Memphis juvenile court as he attempted to get inside to represent a client in a child support case. TMZ reports that Brown attempted to get past court staff but couldn’t because they weren’t aware of such a case happening at the time in question.

Brown allegedly went on to blow a fuse, shouting, screaming and, according to one onlooker, “nearly incited a riot”.

Despite the sitting judge’s repeated requests for Brown to calm down during his rampage, Brown was not to be tamed, and he was arrested for contempt of court.

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Stevie J of “Love & Hip Hop” Has Been Served With a Subpoena

Stevie J, Steven Jordan, Love and Hip Hop, L&HH, Atlanta, child support, project child support, subpoena, courtStevie J has been served with a subpoena over the million dollars he owes in child support.

Project Child Support served VH1’s Love & Hip Hop star, Steven A. Jordan aka Stevie J, with a petition from the Family Court of New York State.

Stevie J still hasn’t paid up on his court ordered support payments to ex fiancee Carol Bennett; he currently owes over a million dollars.

Project Child Support forcibly seized partial payments from the producer’s bank accounts last year, but the seizures amount to nowhere near the million plus that Jordan owes.

Despite the story hitting the media in October 2013, Stevie J has refused to cooperate with Project Child Support.

Jordan refused offers to contact Project Child Support to enter into any kind of payment agreement and even told me to tell his ex fiancee “God bless her” when I reached out to him for comment last year.

Said Project Child Support’s founder, Kai D. Patterson:

“Our investigative efforts have uncovered multiple addresses for Stevie J, in the states of New York, Georgia, Florida, and California. We decided it was easier to serve him the Petition for the Violation of a Support Order and court appearance at his new restaurant. This subpoena requires Stevie J’s appearance or an arrest warrant can be issued by the State of New York. This is not a joke! Since the release of this story in October of last year, Mr. Jordan has not taken any serious steps to satisfy his unpaid child support obligation with our client, instead stories have been released that have alleged this obligation was paid. Make no mistake; this obligation has not been paid, but increases at the rate of $8550 per month. We are going to take every step to ensure this obligation is satisfied, even if it means petitioning the court seize his television, and music royalties, as well as his earnings generated from his new restaurant.”

In the past, Stevie J has been less than forthcoming with his finances.

In 2007, Stevie J had $35.53 garnished from his wages, for the entire year, to support two children. Yet his reported income for that year was $54,763.

In 2009, $5,035.64 was paid involuntarily through child support.  Stevie J’s alleged income reported for the year? $0.

Stevie J is due in court February 25, 2014 at the 60 Lafayette Street on the 4th floor/Room PT20 in Manhattan, New York at 10:00 am.

During the hearing, he must provide the court with proof of income and assets including a recent pay stub, W-2 wage and tax documents with most recent filed federal and state income tax returns and may be required to present and past income tax returns; receipts; business; corporate and partnership books and records; employment statements; proof of health insurance; and other measurements of verification as the court determines which is stated on court documents.

Failure to appear may result with an arrest warrant for the entertainer.


Check out the subpoena below:

Stevie J, subpoena, child support, Project Child Support, Kai D. Patterson


April Dawn (@scarlettsinatra)

“Beats By Keef” & Chief Keef Dealing With Child Support


Chief Keef seems to be in today’s news for several topics.

Right after hearing about Chief Keef’s joining Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick Squad; photos of his “Beats by Keef” come out. The Chicago rapper Instagramed the photos below stating “#MyBeatsInStoresNearYouSoon.”

This is no new news that Keef would be having his own version of the Beats By Dr Dre as Fakeshoredrive reported this in 2012. The design appeared to be inspired by the Chicago, Illinois flag.


chief-keef-2013-01-21-300x300This deal may have come in at a great time due to the fact that Keef is expected at a hearing set for next month to finalize his child support. Since TMZ’s report that the rapper pulls in “13,000 a month,” and “As a result, a judge ordered Keef to pony up $2,600 a month in child support — based on his lucrative career — plus $500 in day care expenses and $10,400 in previously unpaid support. A hearing is set for next month to finalize the amount.”


-Gio (@Gio_ITM )